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Generator controller ComAp InteliLite NT AMF 25 IL-NT AMF25

Generator controller ComAp InteliLite NT AMF 25  IL-NT AMF25
Product Name : Generator controller ComAp InteliLite NT AMF 25 IL-NT AMF25
Product ID : IL-NT AMF 25
MOQ : 1pc
Packaging : Original packaging
Delivery time : 3~5 working days
Payment terms : T/T,West Union,Paypal
    • Compact gen-set controller for single genset operating in standby or prime power modes
    • Full gen-set monitoring and protection
    • Outstanding EFI engine support with diagnostic messages in plain text via J1939
    • Detailed event and performance log with time and date
    • Multiple languages (user changeable) in controller, even more in installation suite
    • Plug-in and CAN bus extension modules capability
    • WebSupervisor and AirGate support*
    • Automatic SMS on alarm or event & gen-set control over SMS*
    • On-line control and monitoring over web pages (embedded web server) via plug & play IB-Lite
    • Optional GSM/GPRS modem/wireless Internet via IL-NT GPRS
    • Fuel theft protection and Total fuel consumption monitoring
    • Earth fault current protection*
    • Alternative switchable configuration
    • Dual mutual stand-by (Dual AMF) support
    • Supports prime power (MRS) applications
    • Automatic and manual GCB and MCB control
    • Magnetic pickup input
    • D+ preexcitation terminal
    • True RMS measurement
    • 3 phase power measurement of gen-set and mains incl. kWh
    • 3 configurable analog inputs
    • 7 binary inputs
    • 7 binary outputs

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