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Deepsea DSE6120 auto mains(utility) failure control module

Deepsea DSE6120 Control Module
Product Name : Deepsea DSE6120 auto mains(utility) failure control module
Product ID : DSE6120
MOQ : 1pc
Packaging : Original packing
Delivery time : about 2~5 working days
Payment terms : T/T,West Union
Supply ability : 3000pcs/month

Deepsea DSE6120 auto mains(utility) failure control module

The Model 6120 is Automatic Engine Control Module, which has been designed to allow the OEM to meet most of the industry's complex specifications. The module is used to automatically start and stop the engine, indicating the operation alstatus and fault conditions, automatically shutting down the engine and indicating the engine failure by means of a graphical LCD display and a flashing LED on the front panel. Selected operation altimers and alarms can be altered by he customer. Adjustments are made by using the integral front panel editor allowing changes in the field, with no specialist equipment required.


1.Full testing functions, can test all the electricity parameter and non electricity parameter of generator sets

2.Multi start successful conditions (RPM sensor, oil pressure, power)

3.Automatic start/stop, switch on and off (ATS), also have perfect symptom protection functions


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